Just wanted to let everyone know that i have deleted and re-uploaded most of the square-face emojis the reason for this is that earlier this year i noticed the left eye was slightly closer to the black boarder than the right eye, and finally got around to fixing them, got a few more to fix but this is a good start


And here are the square-face emojis that have been fixed :squareface_smiling: :squareface_medicalmask: :squareface_expressionless: :squareface_expressionlesswhiteeyes: :squareface_rollingonthefloorlaughing: :squareface_nomouth: :squareface_withsymbols: :squareface_tearsofjoy: :squareface_withtongue: :squareface_withzipper: :squareface_withthermometer: :squareface_frowning: :squareface_moneymouth: :squareface_nauseated: :squareface_slightlysmiling: :squareface_smilingwithsweat:

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