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Here is a new square face emoji :jxm_square_face_smilingwithsweat: , also deleted and re uploaded the others to slightly simplify there short codes :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_slightysmililng: :jxm_squareface_upsidedown: :jxm_squareface_tearsofjoy: :jxm_squareface_nauseated:

Here are the first custom emojis for the jxm social instance :jxm_lime: :jxm_lime_color_inverted: :jxm_lime_color_wierdoffblue: :jxm_lime_color_wierdoffgreen: , plan to add more emojis of varying types in the future

The custom css - (cascading Style sheet) is almost complete just got some minor details to work out

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Hay guys just wanted to let you know that i'm working on my custom css - (cascading style sheet) for the jxm social instance, so it may look a little funky while i get it sorted out

Ok gonna try streaming spyro to YouTube directly from my ps4

update on game capture audio problems p2 

update on game capture audio problems 

just wanted to let everyone know that i probably wont be streaming today as i can't seem to get the game audio to work with / on obs, will see what i can do about fixing it😞 😞 😞

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