Forgot to post about this yesterday but I replaced the hardrive in my laptop with an SSD, so now it is super snappy, here's a photo of it, will post a screen shot of my desktop when I get home

Good news it apears that umastonaughts the mastodon app for ubuntu touch is now working, so i can use mastodon from my nexus 7 tablet though it's a little slugish :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling:

jxm productions / jxm social updates 

I know that i haven't posted anything in a while, will post more info about that and my absence soon, but just wanted to let you guys know 2 things, 1st that i have created myself a secondary account @jxm_social where i will be posting all updates about / concerning jxm social, and 2nd that i have fixed/ and or cleaned up the css(jxm social) theme some more, theirs still more to do but good progress has been made

The power came back on within an hour, of cutting off but I started to get tired and fell asleep:jxm_squarefaceface_sleeping: :jxm_squarefaceface_sleeping: :jxm_squarefaceface_sleeping:

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The power at my house just went out may start up another stream or may not depends on when the power comes back on:jxm_squareface_nomouth: :jxm_squareface_nomouth: :jxm_squareface_nomouth:

Here is a screenshot of my desktop to test out the new blur filter :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling:

Good news it looks like I've fixed the issue at least temperately, some people in the comment section of that video i posted about earlier said that blowing on the stick really hard fixed the issue for them, so i tried that and the controller is working like normal again, at least for now :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling:

Here a video from a YouTube channel i'm subscribed to that goes over the controller issues i'm having

Yep theirs defiantly something wrong with my pro controller will look into getting it fixed soon :jxm_squareface_frowning: :jxm_squareface_frowning: :jxm_squareface_frowning:

Looks like there might be an issue with my pro controller, will need to do more testing latter, in the mean time i paired an old Xbox one controller to my switch trough an adapter' the left stick is a little wonky like my carectr looks up at the sky repeatedly out of know where, but the movement glitch should be solved for now

Will be going live again soon, not sure what was causing the issue, but restarting my pc appears to have fixed it :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling: :jxm_squareface_smiling:

Here are some new emoji's also re uploaded a bunch of other emojis, to fix spelling errors in there short codes :jxm_squareface_hearteyes: :jxm_squareface_zipper: :jxm_squareface_moneymouth: :jxm_squareface_smilingwithhalo: :jxm_squareface_squintingwithtongue: :jxm_squareface_starstruck: :jxm_squareface_winkingwithtongue: :jxm_squareface_tongue:

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